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Advanced Enzymes is a research driven company with global leadership in the manufacturing of enzymes. We are committed to providing eco-safe solutions to a wide variety of industries like human health care and nutrition, animal nutrition, baking, fruit & vegetable processing, brewing & malting, grain processing, protein modification, dairy processing, speciality applications, textile processing, leather processing, paper & pulp processing, biofuels, biomass processing, biocatalysis, etc. Our aim is to replace traditionally used chemicals with eco-friendly enzymatic solutions.

Having pioneered the production of enzymes in India, we continue to set trends with the research & development of new applications for the use of enzymes across various industries. Equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and research & development centers across India and US, we offer several 100 enzyme products. We pride ourselves in being one of the few manufacturers across the globe that offer a wide spectrum of enzymes derived from all four natural origins: plant, fungal, bacterial and animal.

Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd. comprises of 6 subsidiaries of which, 2 are wholly owned subsidiaries and 3 are step down subsidiaries. Advanced Enzymes USA based out of Chino, California, caters to the American markets. While Advanced Enzymes India caters to the European and Asian markets. In India Advanced Enzymes has 2 subsidiaries, Advanced Enzytech Solutions Ltd. and Advanced Bio Agro Tech Ltd. Advanced Enzytech focuses on the Industrial processing market in South Asia, while Advanced Bio Agro has its focus on the animal nutrition market in South Asia.

At Advanced Enzymes, building enduring relationships with our customers is at the heart of our business. With exports across 6 continents, we provide customized and effective enzyme solutions coupled with the best in technical advice and superior service.

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